This week is The Book of Biff’s 5th birthday! Were celebrating in two exciting ways. First is the big birthday sale – all books in the store are 25% off for this week only! It’s the biggest sale we’ve ever done!

Plus all this week I have the amazing privilege of running guest comics by some of my favorite people in the world of comics!

BugToday’s guest comic is by the crazy person named Adam Huber of the strip Bug. The hardest part of my job is coming up with a theme and writing a weeks worth of jokes around it for Biff. Adam does the same thing for Bug but he crams all of that humor into one single strip. Not only does he fill the strips with multiple jokes but he also draws fluid expressive characters. His art is deceptively simple and makes me jealous every time I look at it. I’m hoping that in another year or two I’ll catch up to where he was last year. We were both born in Illinois and we still live in the same timezone… I will somehow figure out how to work that to my advantage.

Go read his comic now, and then click the “purchase” link below to get a print or the original art of your favorite strip!