This week is The Book of Biff’s 5th birthday! Were celebrating in two exciting ways. First is the big birthday sale – all books in the store are 25% off for this week only! It’s the biggest sale we’ve ever done!

Plus all this week I have the amazing privilege of running guest comics by some of my favorite people in the world of comics!

Toasty DuckToday’s guest comic is by the handsome Dave Kellett of the strips Sheldon® and Drive™. He is also the co-author of the book “How to Make Webcomics” and is currently working on a documentary about cartoonists.

The first time I exhibited at a comic show I had an hour-long conversation with Dave about the excitement and joy of making comics. He even offered me a cough drop at the end because my voice was so clearly worn out. It is a great pleasure whenever I get a chance to brush aside the mountain of Hobnobs wrappers and talk to him at comic shows.

Go read Sheldon® and Drive™ and if you are eligible to vote in the Eisners, check out the free review copy of his Eisner-nominated book, “Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953,” right here!

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