I get nervous around machinery that I’m not familiar with. Especially when I need to tinker with it while it’s running. I remember when I got my first car and learned that to check the transmission fluid I had to reach into the engine compartment while the car was running! What?! With all those zooming belts and spinning blades just moments away from breaking off and slicing into my face! You are crazy! I’m going back to riding my bike!

Also, it’s holiday time in webcomics land! After you have plundered the many wonders of the Biff store you can check off a few more people on your list here:

Evil Inc. – A corporation run by and for super-villains.

Unshelved – A comic strip about a Library.

Not Invented Here – For the programmer in your life.

Captain Stupendous – It’s tough juggling your awesomeness as a superhero with your family life.

Kinokofry – Gorgeous prints to brighten your walls.

Templar Arizona – A town that doesn’t exist, and the people who live there.

Something Positive – Prints, original art and comics.

Spacetrawler – SciFi humor and coffee.

Lunar Bistro – 8-Bit tarot cards for the classic video game lover on your list.