I’ve often wondered what’s going on in meetings or phone calls in my bosses’ office. The problem is that they always seem to be designed in a very eaves dropping unfriendly way. It would be very obvious what you were up to. Oh well, every time someone in a movie does it successfully it always turns out horrible.

Today is my birthday! (insert applesauce here)
The best birthday present I could ask for is for you to simply tell someone you know about Biff. Someone that has never seen him before.

Send a tweet, hit the Facebook like button, post a link on Reddit, Stumbleupon or your favorite forum. Open the website on computers in a store or computer lab and stand in front of it laughing and pointing. Write the word “Biff” on your forehead so that people will ask what is wrong with you.

Please, try to refrain from doing anything illegal.