Fortunately I’ve never been tormented by actual bed bugs. But I am sometimes frightened for a split second when I pull back the covers until I remember I bought a fresh batch of black socks. Those little specks of black lint get everywhere until after a few trips through the laundry/sock black hole.

Canada is still in the lead for the book #5 preorder! I usually get a big rush from Germany and Australia near the end so they may not hold on to the lead for long.

I had a lot of fun drawing all the bits and bobs inside Biff’s head for the cover.

Not much of it was planned out. I just drew it stream of consiousness style in the pencil stage. Most of that was copied directly to the final inks but there were a few spots that I went off script and added new stuff that felt better balanced. Get your copy of the bits and bobs #5 in the store today!