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  1. Miles

    Ahh I would be one of the direct dialers. Not for every number, and not for a mental exercise, but because I know of enough incidents where people have lost all of their numbers permanently due to mishap. That I have maintained the same phone for four years means I am unlikely to irrevokably lose my numbers, nevertheless, it is a risk I choose to minimize.

  2. Oarboar

    I keep a backup list of my cell phone’s address book on my computer. Nothing fancy — I just type them into a Word document, save it, and then make sure it’s updated every now and then.

  3. Mewthicus

    I have my emergency numbers memorized AND on a little scrap of paper in my wallet, in case I’m unconscious or something. If you have trouble remembering an especially handy number (like your lawyer’s cell phone) pick an extremely irritating radio jingle with a number in it. Replace the irritating company’s phone number with your lawyer’s number (which is written on the back of your hand) and hum the tune of the jingle when it’s stuck on repeat in your head.

  4. Gary

    I feel as if Biff’s incarcerated status probably has to do with his indecent exposure yesterday.

  5. Caitlin

    I direct dial numbers I want to remember – like those of closest friends and family members. Of course, I’m one of those people who remembers every birthday and knows pi to 50 decimal places.

  6. Andrew from Vancouver
    Andrew from Vancouver

    Hello, operator? Zenith 1-2-3-4 please.

  7. darkwatersong

    Why not try one of the random “We’ll bail you out!” numbers that litter a stations con phone? What’s the worst that could happen? You could accidentally call the number “For a good time…”

  8. Elfe

    Gary: at least he has some ants again..

  9. Micah

    I wonder if 867-5309 crossed his mind.

    Wait a minute…why isn’t Biff using his eyebrows to pick the locks?

  10. i.half4

    It’s Steve Martin week! “I… forgot…”

  11. r4ind4nce

    I happen to be able to memorize some phone numbers. It works quite well for me to break them into two digit bits. For some reason almost every number seems memorable this way.
    But I tend to use auto dial just as frequently.

  12. MaskedMan

    I direct dial a lot of numbers… My speed-dial list is too short for all the numbers I call. But I’m not worried about forgetting those that ARE on speed-dial; I have an insane memory for numbers. I remember numbers I’ll NEVER use again…

    “Biff discovers the undercover cop posing as a pizza boy has no sense of humor…”

  13. grapy

    @MaskedMan the cop probably wasn’t the pizza boy it was probably biff for the reason being that the cop’s looked hungry to him and i was right he did become stupider after his head spraying soda everywhere

    anyways i direct call two number’s my mom and my dad even though they are on speed dial although i can’t remember 50 digit’s of pi i can remember 3.14159

  14. Vrominelli

    Forgetful week.
    Too bad I wanted a pantless week and see all the kinds of boxers Biff would wear…

  15. leeshie

    800-588-2300 Empire, today!

  16. Niha

    I remember nearly zero telephone numbers, as I have them all at the cell’s adress book.

  17. YukiSnowflake

    I NEVER use speed dial.
    I never direct dial either.
    I dont dial.
    I guess there are a few disadvantages to only having friends in Biffworld (*where everyone is psychic*) and in my head (*makes for odd looks in public places*)

  18. S!

    My mother direct dials all her calls to her family members and knows all our numbers.

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