I have a reoccurring dream where I am standing on the roof of a building. I’m wearing some sort of space-worthy battle armor and holding a large gun shaped object. I’m standing at one edge of the large flat roof looking across to the other side and the tall trees that reach above it. I raise the gun to aim just as a large aircraft carrier sized spacecraft appears. It’s skimming the surface of the trees as it rushes towards me. I shoot the grappling gun at the belly of the ship and its magnetic end takes hold. I immediately start running as fast as I can across the roof in the opposite direction that the ship is flying. I hit the control on the gun to retract the cable that is stretched between me and the ship and right as I reach the far edge of the roof it pulls me up. The momentum swings me in a long arc behind then up and over the ship landing me on top. I look down and see my boots standing on the surface of the roof again. I look up and see the ship appear over the trees as the dream starts over again and again and again.

Do you have oranges in Canada? Bring one to the free Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend and I’ll draw Biff’s face on it! It will look totally adorable!