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  1. dasiavou

    i love that story

  2. PsychoDuck

    I will talk to you about rocket ships so hard.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Vrominelli

    Head week?

  4. Grug

    I don’t get it.

  5. Micah

    With a face like that, I’m surprised more people haven’t taken pictures of Biff.

    -The Micah has spoken!

  6. Paku-san

    i think biff used photoshop on that…

  7. The Great Joe Bivins

    There’s a well-traveled story in my family about three-year-old me being terrified of the giant chipmunk at the famous Floridian theme park. I don’t see why not: IT’S A FRICKING GIANT CHIPMUNK.

  8. i.half4

    Biff has a doppelganger who’s been to Egypt?

  9. Aoirann

    Stuff like that happens all the time at Anime Conventions. There’s one photo where I see the sole of my boot on the left side of the photo. I know it’s mine because I was siting right next to the girl when she got her picture taken.

  10. MaskedMan

    Hmmm. Shades of the Tourist of Doom.

    Look it up. :P

  11. MaskedMan

    Oh – And Biff must’ve been sticking his head into a LOT of other people’s camera shots, if he expects to get any results this way…

  12. Paku-san

    @i.half4; PLZ GAWD NO! not another biff. there is all ready enough chaos and dissorder in the world with just ONE BIFF! look, egypt is still recovering from the australian toilet w/ amrican plumbing incident!ITS A BARREN DESERT OUT THERE!

  13. Julie

    My husband is a skipper at that Famous Florida theme park. I often wonder how many families have pictures of him in their photo albums or Snapfish accounts.

  14. -2!

    Biff would be able to do that quite easily he looks unique.

    The -2! has spoken!!

  15. Rex

    Facial recognition software, if something like that existed, it would have more filters than google.cn

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