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  1. Crimson_regret

    This could make the marching band show a bit better…

  2. Lich king
    Lich king

    Shoes splitting open to reveal an undetermined amount of spiders? Sounds absolutly terrfying.

  3. sco3tt

    Hey, no fair. I want a Swiss Army Sock too!

  4. i.half4

    I thought I kept running out of spoons because of my poor dish-doing habits.

  5. baughbe

    That explains the uncomfortable feeling when I run.

  6. Andrew S.
    Andrew S.

    That’s why I keep a can of raid next to my shoe-rack. The skin is slowly melting off my feet, but it’s worth the assurance.

  7. no name
    no name

    Haha. Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, apparently… still shame on me. But not a third time!

  8. no name
    no name

    Well you’ve almost topped your ’09 April Fool’s comments, but not even close to ’08 yet.

  9. MaskedMan

    *Clank* Step *Clank* Step…


  10. Lunakrypt

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on the spider issue.

  11. reynard61

    And here I thought ingrown toe-nails were painful…

  12. Niha

    You can use tongs to remove with paper towels any possible spider net.

  13. 84

    you can get little hand held things to vacuum up bugs and stuff to be set outside unharmed.that might work for clearing out spiders.or at the very least,lint…

  14. Matthew

    You think THATS bad? i used to have to check my shoes for scorpions and snakes

  15. Lich king
    Lich king

    Unharmed? You would let the spider LIVE?! They have to be killed or else they’ll just get back in the shoe!

  16. Lurch

    mail ’em to me. I like spiders.
    And snakes

    They make a great garnish for the children

  17. Pyro

    ironically the only pair of shoes I’ve ever found a spider nest in were sandals.

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