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  1. MaskedMan

    Ah! Low-flying headaches! If you duck, they miss!

  2. PsychoDuck

    Biff needs to make an appearance at the next meeting of migraine sufferers.

    …or just when two people are standing next to each other…

    …or when a single human being is foolish enough to get close enough to him…

    …or he could just run around like a turtle and hope someone sees and understands.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  3. Hershey

    I get the ones behind my eyes too, they suck.
    Good idea Biff! Now, to get rid of your new neck-ache…

  4. Space Butler
    Space Butler

    That’ll show those invisible headache imps!

  5. Croc

    I often get this strange ones… I don’t know that they can be called “headaches”, but they involve slipping into sort of an enhanced state of awareness, everything resonating with deep bass notes, and a feeling of otherworldly presence. Then, the feeling passes just as soon as it hits me.

    It generally happens when I go on one of my 3-day no-sleep binges.

  6. Felix

    I’m remembering that.

  7. Alex

    My personal favourite are the ones that start at the back of your head and radiate a dull throbbing pain out through the rest of your head… sometimes it feels like your *hair* hurts..

    not fun..

  8. Nilly

    Yeah, headaches are pretty sucky. I get sinus and stress headaches that are incurable by medicine. But naps seem to work wonders.

  9. baughbe

    Except for the occasional sinus headache, all my headaches are people based.

  10. Andore Mordre

    All this picture needs is a spike over his head.

  11. aellath

    Sounds like a migraine you get there. There’re meds to help, and depending on why you get them, there may be meds to prevent them.

  12. Jackson

    …However, Biff may soon develop a painful crink in the neck?

  13. tigerbitten

    Ah headaches. I used to get migraines from reading too many books (yes, it is possible if you’re reading +800 page books back to back). Eventually I had to cut back from reading 24 a week to just 5 a week; which sucks cause most of the series I enjoy have more than 6 books.

  14. Radical Edward
    Radical Edward

    I get all kinds of headaches, but I usually get headaches that feel like someone is trying to pick me up with a claw like those crane games.

  15. sco3tt

    Tomorrow, Hopping away from Hemorrhoids!

  16. Nicoli20

    Sometimes, I get a headache INSIDE MY EYEBALLS! Or something like that. Either way, it hurts a lot!

  17. Chris

    @Nicoli20 – That would be an eyeball ache.

  18. PsychoDuck

    @ Chris: I don’t even want to know how one avoids an eyeball ache.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  19. Chris

    @PsychoDuck – I guess I better start redrawing tomorrow’s comic.

  20. Tasha

    Those actaully sound like cluster headaches. You should see a doctor about it but they respond well to normal headache meds usually. But they’re characterised by usually being only on one side of the head or the other usually in the temple area. They can be as painful as migraines. They can spread to behind the eyes and cheek bones making your headache feel like your face books hurt. The problem with cluster headaches is this isn’t one headache it’s lots hence the name. You’ll get one, it quickly reaches it’s peak they tapers off over time only to be immediately followed by another and another. Sometimes these can last for weeks. And sleeping doesn’t help it can make it worst the best thing is to keep busy and not think about it. Somepeople even bang their heads against the wall to distract them from the pain. The excellent thing about them is that they’ll attack you for a couple years they go away for 3-4 years before returning.

  21. Seraphine

    there may be many flavors of headache, but that’s what ketchup is for.

  22. MaskedMan

    Seraphine wins! :D

  23. Skydiver Todd
    Skydiver Todd

    @Tasha – I have cluster headaches, only mine are chronic. It’s a lovely feeling, like someone has taken a rusty, pitted ice pick and rammed it through my left eye just so they could EVER so gently scrape away at the inside of my skull.

    This has been my daily life, six times a day, 24/7/365, for ten years without a break now. That magical “newness” has worn off of it now. I’m ready for a break. I guess in my mid-fifties they go away, that’s only another 19-15 years or so.

    For some reason they have been given the nickname of ‘suicide headaches’ because that is the cure most opt for. Can’t blame ‘em.

    Can’t blame them at all…

  24. Chuck

    Sometimes if I feel the sharp spike that tells me the headache is coming, if I kind of noogie the area repeatedly, then the full-on headache won’t hit.

    Anyone else get crying headaches? What about air conditioning headaches? How about when you laugh so much the muscles at the back of your head hurt?

  25. Linzleh

    Poor Biff….I think he’s been earthbound too long; a hop in the rocket and zero gravity should help then a cup of tea!

  26. starseedjenny

    I only get headaches in my temples, and only one of them.

  27. Nilly

    Chuck, I occasionally get crying headaches, though for some reason they mainly stick to the inside of my nose and sinuses below my eyes. Very annoying.

  28. mastermenthe

    @Croc – Isn’t that what’s called a hangover?

  29. Miles

    When I was yougner I used to get migraines at least once a week. Of course, I never knew there was such a thing as migraines, they were something only women got, and so I never went to a doctor or anything. I always thought I was just some sort of mega wuss for being laid so far under by ordinary headaches. Also, my headaches are always my whole head (well, above the jaw). It puzzled me when they asked where the pain was. “It’s in my head. I have a headache.”
    “But where in your head?”
    “Umm, inside it? Where my brain is?”

  30. Muninn

    I get Alice in Wonderland Syndrome with my headaches… Which are usually restricted to a tiny, intensely painful spot in my right eyebrow that makes me throw up and hallucinate. Oddly enough, a well-timed ingestion of a packet of salt right when I feel one coming on helps mitigate them somewhat.

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