For anyone not here on the 1st the comments below the comic won’t make sense. Click here to see what the page looked like at the time. I blocked all of the comments coming from people that figured out the joke. I’ve now let them through so a lot of them will seem strange mixed in with all the others. Keep in mind most of these people read the comments and saw that nobody had figured out the joke and so they thought they were the first one to post about it. I guess I kind played a prank on both groups. πŸ™‚

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I learned a lot about food from cartoons. For example, corn on the cob is meant to be eaten like you are a typewriter. Complete with “ding!” sound effects at the end of each row. Spaghetti is supposed to be slurped, splashing sauce all over your face. I could never get the hang of eating peas with a butter knife though. They always made that one look so easy but the peas refused to line up in a neat little row. It was easier to just stab them one at a time with a fork like a normal person.