I try to always take my pillow with me when I go on trips. A few years back I stayed at a friends house for the weekend. It was a brand new house and they set up the guest room for me to stay in. I had a hard time falling asleep that first night because the pillow they gave me was apparently just an unused oven mitt slid inside the pillow case. I had to roll it up a bit to get any use out of it. In the end, just laying my head on the mattress wound up being more comfortable.

The Book of Biff #3 fun fact: While drawing the original art for the bonus comics in book #3, I started making a lot of the outlines thicker than I had been for the comics that you see on the website. I liked how this looked and have started making thicker lines on all the new webcomics since then. You can see the original art for book #3 in the store.