Years ago there was a short period where my brother and I got home from school before either of my parents did. So instead of going home to our house we rode the bus home to the house of a girl from my school that I didn’t know very well. I knew who she was but I certainly had never been to her house before. The first day we went there her mom showed us around the house. The bathroom was the most memorable room we saw. Almost every available surface was covered in a sort of plush carpeting, including the toilet lid and tank. Not only was the tank covered in lush fabrics, it also had a push button flush. I had never seen a fuzzy or handle-less toilet before. There was a trick to flushing it. Since the tank was covered, you had to know the exact right clump of fuzz to push. It’s funny how my 7 year old brain decided that the reason for the secret flush button was so that if they ever had a burglar in their house they wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom.