A few nights ago as I was falling asleep I thought I felt something move on my arm. I reached over and put my hand on that area but didn’t feel anything. I figured it was the typical stray hair or loose thread tickling me. I felt the movement again in another spot and brushed my hand across it to get rid of the string or piece of fuzz when much to my surprise I felt a sharp pinch on one of my fingers. “Aaaaah!” I jumped up out of bed vigorously rubbing my hands together. “Something bit me!” I got a flashlight out and frantically checked all over myself to find the source of the bite. Whatever it was drew blood and I was freaking out. Then I noticed our dog jumping around on the bed behind me. My flashlight found the focus of her attention. An ant. It was big, at least as far as ants go in this area, and it was perfectly ready to take on a dog. The dog would bounce around and snap at it and the ant would rear up on it hind legs in attack position. This went on for nearly 3 minutes until… well… the dog won. It took me awhile to calm down. As I tried to go back to sleep every little touch of fabric or gust of air sent my heart racing.

Here’s a free desktop wallpaper I made based on this comic: Biff in blue