Continuing the theme from yesterday… when I graduated from college the first thing I did was fail to get Biff accepted as a syndicated newspaper comic. I made a website and posted the samples I had drawn but I gave up the dream and got an office job. When I first decided to start drawing Biff again my original concept was to start a blog and post new comics as a fun project. I figured there was probably someone else that had done something similar so I did a search for other comics to see what they looked like. This is when I first discovered the word “webcomic”. There were thousands of them and somehow I had no idea that they existed. One of the first comics that I discovered was Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens. It really stood out in my mind because he was the first person that I knew about that was making a living from his webcomic. A little light turned on in the back of my mind. A light that I had turned off years ago in defeat. It was quite an inspirational moment for me and he has given me a goal that I have be diligently working toward ever since. If Diesel Sweeties is not already on your list then stop by today and maybe pick up some pixel socks!