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  1. PsychoDuck

    Well, it’s an over-sized hairdryer… Maybe he can use it on his over-sized eyebrows?

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. Bisqwit

    I thought it’s a leaf blower… It would not be so abnormal package, for Biff or anyone. So I missed the joke.

  3. Torg

    He’ll modify it to shoot peanut butter. You’ll see.

  4. Murudai

    It’s for his eyebrows, biff could use some sprucing up there 🙂

  5. Micah

    Of course. That belongs to Princess Vespa.

    • fatemaster1

      Spaceballs reference for the win!

  6. Chris

    I’m sure he has hair on other parts of his body.

  7. Adam


    i’d wrather have it shoot jello but thats me.

    but also… knowing Biff it might turn out deadly.

  8. RFPT

    I don’t know about you chris, but I do not use a hairdryer on the ‘other parts of my body’.

  9. Rys

    He’ll transform it into a laser cannon. pew pew

  10. ffuhdu

    i dont get it…

  11. Katie

    I once got a $150 ham in the mail. We tried sending it back to the post office, but they re-delivered it to us. It was delicious.

  12. randomperson

    Who knows what Biff has in mind for the hairdryer. He could make it into a laser or a peanut butter shooter like Torg and Rys said. In fact, didn’t one Biff comic said that he doesn’t eat PB&J any more because he makes peanut butter by smashing peanut with a hammer?

  13. tiki god

    I’m sure this is going to be a downer for you, but if you’re in the USA, it’s a federal offense to open other people’s mail, punishable by 5 years in pound me in the ass prison:


  14. Neo Cloudski
    Neo Cloudski

    @tiki god
    Only if you get caught. 😛 What the recipient and the federals don’t know, won’t hurt them. Frankly, if it’s food. I call fair game regardless.

    Also, I suppose he could use it as a new hairdryer for his brain. I don’t remember the comic number this happened, but the cover for book 2 clearly shows him hair drying it.

  15. The Great Joe Bivins

    I’m positive he could make that thing shoot FIREBALLS.

  16. taber_man

    @Micah – You win. Period XD

    In regards to the anecdote, he probably knitted a tailpipe cozy out of it, being the envy of all the old ladys in their buicks and cadillacs.

  17. starseedjenny

    Wh–what is that thing? o_____________o

    Also, @ Mr. psychadelic avatar over there – I just totally realized that I know you from comments about a doctor who is also a ninja who has a twelve-year-old velociraptor-riding mustachioed bandito boy for a sidekick.


  18. Cpt Ziggy
    Cpt Ziggy

    @star seed jenny,that was the best description of anything,ever….

  19. Micah

    Thanks, Taber.

    I ordered some stuff off Amazon and I received two of the three packages…or so I thought. I opened up the second and did a double take. The second one was some kind of electronic diary thing. I didn’t order it. What had happened, according to the package was that the distribution center had sent it to me by mistake. There were two labels on them. The big one was mine, and other was to some guy in Oklahoma. (I live in Texas, by the way.) So I sent it back.

  20. trevor

    @starseedjenny Dr.mcninja, I assume.

  21. starseedjenny

    @star seed jenny,that was the best description of anything,ever….

    But…it makes it so easy.

    Do you KNOW of the good doctor?


  22. The Great Joe Bivins

    @ ms. xkcd avatar over there- Yeah I get around. Too much free time.

  23. starseedjenny

    “@ ms. xkcd avatar over there- Yeah I get around. Too much free time.”

    Same. And don’t you be all self-conscious over there, because ‘frig i just admitted i read at least three webcomics agh’.

    …there are more than three. Many many more than three.

  24. Dwarg91

    @starseedjenny I read at least 70 comics so dont feel bad about the ammount of comics that you read.

    • fatemaster1

      Only 70? I read hundreds!

  25. blargh

    Well, regardless of it being a hairdryer or a leafblower, it’s worthless for him. I mean, there are no trees in Biffland, yes?
    Look out the window.

    Also he’s bald. BALD.

  26. Meredia

    Where he might use that thing gave me the very disturbing thought of just exactly what Biff’s body hair might look like.

    You don’t want to know the depths of that profane image. I am a sick, sick person.

  27. AOEUD

    Tiki God: That law only applies if you take something that you shouldn’t have taken for the purpose of causing another person grief. It doesn’t apply to opening a misdelivered package to see what you got in the mail

  28. kenshin620

    mmm, nope, I think that’s pretty much the right address

  29. El pinguino bilingue
    El pinguino bilingue

    at Neo Cloudski

    unless its a twinkie

  30. Random Girl!
    Random Girl!

    For some reason, I assumed that he was holding a tennis-ball shooter. It took reading the comments to figure out the joke.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a tennis ball shooter, either, which compounds the randomness.

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