I once had 2 credit cards from the same company. I paid the bills in full each month through their website. I was therefore surprised when I opened a letter from them saying that one of my cards was past due and I owed them a $30 fee on top of my balance. I went to the website to check on my payments and realized that I somehow managed to send both payments to one card. So that I didn’t mess it up again I called the customer service number on the card. I told the woman over the phone what had happened and asked to make a phone payment to set everything right. She looked at my accounts and could see that I had always paid my balance in full each month and so she decided to reverse the $30 fee and I just had to make the minimum payment against the balance and all would be good. I gave her my checking account information and paid off the full balance. I was left feeling pretty good about the whole thing. At least until a month later when I got my new bill and the $30 fee was still on there PLUS a new $30 fee for not paying off the original $30 fee from the first month! This time when I called the number on the card, the friendly sounding woman was replaced with a crabby, gravel-voiced man. I cheerfully told him the whole story of what had happened up to that point, ending it with a little laugh to emphasize how silly the whole thing was. He was unimpressed. He treated me like a con artist, inventing stories to try and worm my way out of paying him money that I personally owed to his family. In the end I paid the $60, paid off the balance and shredded both cards. I never cancelled the accounts, they keep sending me new cards as the old ones expire. I put them straight into the shredder without even opening the envelope.