For anyone not here on the 1st the comments below the comic won’t make sense. Click here to see what the page looked like at the time. I blocked all of the comments coming from people that figured out the joke. I’ve now let them through so a lot of them will seem strange mixed in with all the others. Keep in mind most of these people read the comments and saw that nobody had figured out the joke and so they thought they were the first one to post about it. I guess I kind played a prank on both groups. 🙂

———-original post———-

I usually get started on a project right away when I arrive at work. I’ll be there for a few hours before taking my first break. I’ll walk up to the mirror in the bathroom and realize that I have a blob of toothpaste in the corner of my mouth or a big chunk of hair sticking out in a weird direction. I then have to playback the morning in my head trying to remember how many people I had talked to in person what the expression was on their face.

I only have 4 of the bonus sketches left for the book 2 pre-order. Thanks again for everyone that has pre-ordered the book! I wouldn’t be able to make these books without you.