I have yet to run out of gas in my car. (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.) It can get pretty nerve racking though. On my daily work commute the only convenient gas station is right by my house. I’m sometimes halfway to work before I realize that I don’t have enough juice to make it back home. The closest I came to stalling was a trip home from work where I thought I could make it home to get gas but was foiled by an accident that caused a massive traffic backup. Luckily the exit I took had a gas station only a few miles from the expressway.

Book 2 bonus! When I first think of an idea for a comic I usually do a little sketch of it on a scrap of paper. Well I now have a box full of scraps just sitting there not entertaining anyone. So I decided that the first 100 or so pre-orders for book 2 will get one of these scraps of Biff included with their order. Marvel at my bad spelling! Be confused by an early version of the caption! Use it as a book mark! These will be handed out on a first come first served basis and limited to only the comics printed in book 2, so if this is totally awesome to you then order quickly!

sketchie things!