Some candy is sold in a size that makes it difficult to finish eating. I was really excited one Christmas when my grandparents got me a giant candy cane. It was exciting at first. I would sit and lick it for awhile and then wrap it up and then come back a half hour later and nibble on it some more. Eventually I got bored of it and the next time I picked it up it had gone all soft and sticky. The same thing happened with my baseball sized gobstopper, the 12″ tall solid chocolate bunny and my rock candy Christmas tree. I once got my friend Chris an entire case of Cadbury creme eggs for his birthday. He apparently finished all 5 pounds of them and he somehow still likes them.

My friend Calan was really sick recently and so I drew her some fan art to cheer her up. She posted it as a guest comic. Check it out here and leave her a get well wish from me.