Back in high school my friend Chris and I both worked at an ice cream store. I worked there longer than he did so I had the privilege of delegating any task that I didn’t want to do to him. One hot summer day I was told that we had to mow the grass out front. I waited for Chris to get to work and asked him to do it. While he was out front baking in the sun I decided to straighten out our hot dog condiment section. This is when I noticed that he had left his giant cup of root beer on the counter next to me. I took the tray of jalapeño peppers and poured a good quarter cup of the juice into his cup and swirled it around. When he finished up outside he came back in all hot and sweaty and headed straight for his drink. He took a huge mouthful… paused… then ran to the sink and spit it out. Luckily there were no customers in the store at that moment to hear all of the colorful words he used as he turned around to face me.