For some reason I always have trouble with pears. I can rarely complete the full purchase to consumption routine successfully. The pears are always rock hard when I purchase them from the grocery store. At this point I’m usually excited about my theoretical future pear eating session. I check them every few days to see if they are ripe… usually this takes a few weeks. I finally decide that yes, this pear is ready! … but I’m never right. When I bite into the pear it’s still harder than an apple inside and tastes grainy and flavorless. I’ll wait another few days and check the rest of my purchases to find that they have skipped the delicious stage and gone from concrete straight to moldy mush. Once a year I do get that one magical tasty pear that keeps me going. It’s what dreams are made of.

International orders! It’s probably a good idea to get your orders in by Friday of this week if you want them to make it across the water in time for Christmas. All orders received by 5pm central time this Friday will ship out Friday night. Give the gift of Biff!