One of the first cars that we had with the remote unlock feature had a few extra buttons on the keychain. The one that I hated the most was a button marked “panic.” It was aptly named. I would be exiting the car and stepping into a crowded parking lot and accidentally hit “panic” instead of “lock.” I would immediately panic, looking for the car that was honking at me because their breaks were out and they were about to crash into me.

Book news! The printing is scheduled to be complete by the 31st then it should take 5-8 days to pack them up and truck them to my door. So they should be in my hands in about 2 weeks!

Shirts! I’m happy to announce the first Biff shirt! For the next 2 weeks I’ll be taking orders for the Biff smiley shirt, then the order will be placed and the shirts produced. As a special thank you to everyone that has supported the book project if you order a shirt before November 4th I’ll add the shirt to your book order and you won’t have to pay any additional shipping charges.