Back in college I came home for the weekend and I was hanging out with my brother. We got hungry and so he recommended we get some food from this brand new place called “Boston Chicken.” He had gotten food from there once before and wanted me to check it out. He got out the menu and we picked out our food. He called them up and they took our order and asked for our phone number and address. We were in an apartment complex so he had to give them directions to where our specific building was. So then we went back to hanging out and waited for our food. It was taking a long time so I started making declarations like “This better be good!” and “I hope this is worth starving for!” After an hour we finally called them back to see what the holdup was. “We don’t do deliveries.” “Umm… I got food delivered from you a few weeks ago.” “No you couldn’t have, we don’t deliver.” “Okay… what was that whole deal about asking for our address and getting directions to our building?” “I don’t know what you are talking about.” We hung up the phone and ordered Chinese instead. It showed up 20 minutes later.