One winter I went to a local hill to do some sledding. Someone had built a nice ramp at the bottom that I was eager to try out. When I got there another kid was just getting to the top of the hill. I yelled up to him “Hey, see if you can jump over me!” and so I knelt down behind the ramp and when he started down the hill I got down on my back and watched his sled fly over my face. “That was awesome!” So now it was my turn. He got down on his back and I started up the hill. When I got to the top I aimed myself carefully and then hopped onto my sled. I guess it must have seemed like a long time because right when I reached the ramp he popped his head up to see where I was. My orange plastic sled plowed right into his face knocking his glasses across the yard. I landed and turned around to see him balled up on the ground next to bright red blood on the pure white snow. I gave him his glasses and helped him walk across the street to his house. I never met him before and never saw him again.