As much as I hate my glasses they have saved my eyes from injury on more than one occasion. The most recent time was last winter. I had a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk, the kind with the built in pump. I was gone for a long weekend and while I was away there was a drop of the sanitizer that dried out, clogging the tip of the pump. When I came back to work and went to use it for the first time the fresh sanitizer broke a tiny gap through the dried stuff and shot up straight at my face. Nothing hit my skin and I stood there for a moment trying to comprehend what had just happened. I then took off my glasses to find that there was a good tablespoon of the stuff clinging to the outside of one of the lenses.

We are finally at 90%! The end is in sight and to give the preorder project one final boost I’m auctioning off the doodles I did for the month of August. Check out the auction here and thanks again to everybody.