A few days ago my wife and I was visited a some friends across the street. I was playing with their 2 kids and started drawing pictures on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. First I was just drawing whatever I felt like but soon they were making requests. “Draw a grasshopper next!” So I was leaning over drawing a grasshopper and their little girl was crouched down next to me watching. She was suddenly inspired by my drawing to act like a grasshopper and leaped straight up smashing my glasses into my face. Fortunately the frame missed my eye and only sliced into my eyebrow and the side of my face just to the right of my eye. The lens of the glasses smacked into my eyeball but I seem to have fully recovered a few days later. It was fun when people asked me what happened the next day and I got to say that a 3-year-old girl beat me up. :)