The first time I got a flat tire I was halfway between home and work. Big nail punctured it. The lug nuts were rusted on and I couldn’t get them to budge. I had to walk a few blocks to a public pay phone and call a tow truck. A year or so later someone slashed all 4 tires on that same car and when I was trying to get one of the back wheels off I snapped off 2 of the bolts. Luckily for me all the flats I have gotten have been slow leaks. Never a blowout and never more than 10 miles away from home.

Any readers in the Rockford Illinois area? There’s a short review of Biff that’s being printed in a local paper and I’d love to get a hard copy of it.

The UK has now taken the lead from Germany for the most international orders with Australia coming in a close 3rd place! The majority of my US orders are going to a cluster of 6 states. New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, California and Colorado. I’m still waiting for my first orders from Alaska and Hawaii. Any readers out there? :)