The first time that I was old enough to stay home sick from school by myself I almost burned the house down. My mom called me from work to check on me a few times. I got hungry and wanted some soup but I didn’t really know how to make it. While I was on the phone with her she walked me through putting the soup into the pot, adding a can of water and then heating it up. She told me to let it simmer for a few minutes and I hung up the phone. A little while later she called again and woke me up from a nap I was taking on the couch. We talked for a little bit and then she asked me how the soup was. “Umm… I don’t remember eating the soup.” I then ran into the kitchen to find a smoking pot of dry blackened noodles. I tossed it into the sink and filled it with water. I then had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.