I’m not a coffee drinker but I do wear glasses. Coffee is one of those things that I got turned off to as a kid. My mom would drink it every once in a while and I would tast it out of curiosity. It was way too bitter for my kid tastebuds. As I grew up my dislike for coffee was compounded by horrible people that gave out coffee flavored candy to me at halloween. I would unwrap a nice friendly looking piece of candy and pop it in to my mouth expecting something chocolate or maybe root beer and seconds later have to spit it right out. Most everyone else I know can’t live without coffee. I witnessed many an argument over who is supposed to fill the coffee machine at work. At least Starbucks sells hot chocolate. When I’m with a group of people that need to make a Starbucks run I still get a nice warm cup to hold in my hand so I don’t have to feel like a total outsider.